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What do Alpacas eat?

One of the first questions a new alpaca owner needs to figure out is what to feed them and how much do you need to feed them? Alpacas will mainly eat grass or hay, about 2 lbs per each pound of their body weight per day. (Here is a general rule of thumb if you become an alpaca owner, 1.5% of the alpaca body weight daily in hay or fresh pasture.)

Ever wonder how much a single 60 lb bale of hay will feed?

Normally a single 60 lb bale of hay can feed up to 20 alpacas for one day. Knowing that the alpacas are pseudo-ruminants, meaning that they have a single stomach divided into three compartments. Their very complicated digestive system allows them to process this modest amount of food very efficiently. But we can't forget about water, they require a lot of water to drink to keep hydrated.

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